Be Positive

Some people are afraid to hope because they have been hurt so much in life. They have so many disappointments, they don’t think they can face the pain of another one. Therefore, they refuse to hope so they won’t be disappointed. 

I had encountered so many disappointments in life, so baby devastating things had happened to me that I was afraid to believe that anything good might happen. I nearly gave up trying, my thoughts and mind started creating negative visions of my future. It affected me to the extent I began loosing hope and when I pray I ask God for help but with doubt in my mind. 

It is written we should ask in faith and not in doubt. 

But I did. I did a lot of negative things to move on, thinking it was okay but it wasn’t at all. It even made my situation worsen. But I realized my mistake, not going through the right way in achieving victory. I went back to my thoughts to check myself out and let my heart be free to prophecy positivity into my life. 

I thank my family, my partner and friends,  they never gave up on me. My partner always reminded me if something, never stop believing all will go well,  stop leaving in doubt and negativity. She said that’s one thing she doesn’t like about me because I don’t think positively, am always negative and say things in doubt, that there is nothing the Lord cannot do. Since then have always been positive minded and inhibited the spirit of believing all is well. 

So my brothers and sisters, when I really began to study the word, praising him and giving that is, God restored me and elevated me to a place I never imagined. 

I leave you with Mathew 8:13 which states that Jesus tells us that it will be done for us as we have believed, so be it done unto thee. 

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