My Story: God Did It

Where do I start from, first thing first I thank God for all He has done and what he’s still doing for me. Am not the kinda person that puts his personal life experience out there but I want to use my story as a point of contact to people out there who are unmotivated and still passing through challenges. 

The story of my life.  The life am enjoying right now is by the grace of God.  Since I finished school, I haven’t had a stable job, always from one job to another. The last job I had I thought it was going to be a steady job, but unfortunately I lost that too early last year. This period was the start of my walking in the wilderness,  sleepless nights and fear. During this period I started dating my soon wife to be. We already started planning on getting married when I still worked, but loosing my job changed everything. 

That’s me back when i was still working at my former office

I get when one is depressed and feel there is no other way. I used to have an entertainment blog where I get little change to take care of myself. I get assistance from my brothers and sister, parent, my girlfriend was so great and supportive during this period. My thought was that she was going to leave me since there was no work. I went for some job interviews but all was nulled. My dad,  mum, siblings, and mother in law to be were my inspiration. They didn’t look down on me.  They prayed, fasted and everyday motivation quotes to go along with my activities. I was relieved believing all will go well for me. 

I gave my life to Christ, I will never forget that day I did. I made sure any picture of negativity, depression and anxiety never came my way. I prayed, fasted, gave thanks to God, made sure I never put a sorrowful face but with a big smile. It might take time when you expect something from God, the most important thing when you waiting for the blessings is to have faith, keep thanking Him and rejoice. 

Beginning of the year 2017 I asked for two things from God. I screamed hallelujah dancing whatever style I could when I got a phone call to come and collect my appointment letter in a office I never dreamt of in my life. The exact job I asked from God, with no stress at all. All my story and situation changed over night. I know my God is not done with me yet but on a steady move am elevating. 

That’s me now at my new place of work

My brothers and sisters, it takes God a second to change your situation,  He wants you to experience is greatness and know your heart of patience.  I hope my story will touch someone today. When you pray to God for something, He already answered your prayer, it’s how strong your faith is that will determine your prayers are answered. 

I understand what you going through, we humans but with the spirit of God we shall overcome. Let’s put the devil to shame by proclaiming Jesus Christ is lord and He got you. Pray and praise Him with thanks and you will see how you will conquer anxiety, challenges, worry and other negative vibes with series of combos. 

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