Video: Humanitarian Support with Life Outreach International- Water For Life

This is a culled post from life today. 

The life outreach international is a church with the missionary objective to provide for the needy. There project is called “water for life”.

Sometimes when I see people complain about not getting what they want, or not happy with their salary, or you want a good apartment, you want to drive a car, etc..  You want all this and still worry, while in other places they don’t have the little you have. The next paragraph will be from the outreach message to the public. 

Water for life
Since the Water for LIFE outreach began in 2000, your support has helped provide more than 5400 water wells for people in desperate need of clean water. However, the global need for clean water is still enormous. Nearly 700 million people still lack access to safe drinking water, and waterborne diseases are one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 5.

This year’s Water for LIFE goal began with an immediate need for 188 wells in 7 African nations. The goal is now expanded to include an additional 212 wells around the world for a total of 400 new and refurbished wells in 2017.

Also this year, we are offering LIFE Filter Kits for the first time, providing immediate relief for desperate families in these areas. In cases when the harsh terrain prevents our drill rigs from accessing areas of need, we now can offer hope through the LIFE Filter Kits. They come with a 5-gallon bucket, a hosing system and a reusable filter that can deliver up to 10 gallons of clean water per hour! These filter systems will help to break the cycle of sickness and death caused by unclean, disease-ridden water in places where our rigs simply cannot go. To discover more about LIFE Filter Kits click here. Gifts of $100 provide LIFE Filter Kits for 3 families.

Clean water is a blessing for life for people living in areas of need around the world. Thank you for your help and support as we work to provide clean water in the areas that need it most.

Watch video.. 

Contact Information

LIFE Outreach International

P.O. Box 982000

Fort Worth, TX 76182-8000

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