Avoid Wordly Competition 

This is a sponsored post from one of my best mentor and inspiring woman of God- Joyce Meyer. 

According to the world’s system, the best place to be is ahead of everyone else. Popular thinking would say that we should try to get to the top no matter who we have to Burt on the way up. But the Bible teaches us that there is no such thing as real peace until we are delivered from the need to compete with others. 

Even in what is supposed to be considered “fun games”, we often see competition get so out of balance that people end up arguing and gating one another, rather than simply relaxing and ha ing a good time together. Naturally, human beings don’t play games to lose; everyone is going to do his best. But when a person cannot enjoy a game unless he is winning, be definitely has a problem, possibly a deep noted one that is causing other problems in many areas of his life. 

We should definitely do our best on the job;  there is nothing wring with wanting to do well and advance in our chosen profession. But I encourage you to remember that promotion for the believer comes from God and not from man. You and I don’t need to play wordly games to get ahead. God will give us favour with Him and with others if we will do things His way (Proverbs 3:3-4).

N:B- we must remember what Jesus said to Peter, don’t be concerned about what I choose to do with someone else, you follow me! 

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