See Your Weaknesses As Jesus Sees Them 

God’s word contains many examples of weak people through whom God chose to accomplish great things for His glory, including disciples. They were ordinary men who possessed weaknesses, just like you and me. 

The Gospels clearly imply that Peter was a rugged and volatile fisherman who displayed impatience, anger, and rage. In one crucial moment,  he was so fearful that he would be discovered to be a disciple of Jesus Christ that he succumbed to a cowardly act. He denied that he even knew Jesus. 

Andrew at have seemed soft hearted and toi kindly to be anything more than a follower. He avoided the role of a leader, being willing to play second fiddle to his brother, Simon Peter and his boisterous, competitive friends James and John. 

James and John are remembered for little beyond the fact that their mother sought positions of equality for them at Jesus’s side when He established His kingdom. Could it be they we’re a bit too ambitious. 

And there was Mathew. The religious leaders of the day were outraged that Jesus would even consider socializing with this lowly tax collector. Imagine their honour when Jesus dined with Mathew at his home and hinted him to become one of His followers and close associates. 

I find it interesting that those whom the world recommended, Jesus rejected and those the world rejected, Jesus accepted. I don’t care how many faults they have, if they will trust me, I can do great and mighty things through them. 

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