Activate Favour 

Favour is a part of your inheritance!  You don’t have to beg God for it. As a believer in Jesus, you are in convenant with Him. That means that everything He has is yours. 

The way you tap into that favour, or activate it, is by thanking Him for it. Say, Father, thank you for your favour today.  Thank you that favour is causing me to be at the right place at the right time. Thank you that your favour is causing people to want to be good to me. See, you don’t have to pray about something that you already have, just recieve it by thanking Him. 

Before I speak each week, I never say, God, please give me your favour. Please give me your anointing. NO, I simply say, God, thank you for your anointing. Thank you for equipping and empowering me. See, I know that it’d all part of my inheritance. So I just act like it’s true. 

Today, activate His promises by faith. Praise and thank Him for His goodness and for blessing your life. Receive His word as truth and hold it in your heart because He has already given His favour and blessing to you! 

When you less busy, you can kindly read Psalm 84:11

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