God’s Grace Brought Me This Far In Life

There is a saying “heaven help those who help themselves”. Well depending on the kind of help but if it isn’t from God it won’t last. 

Three years ago, I was on the internet searching and applying for a better job compared to what I had. At the same time I was asking my friends if they had any slot from there place of work to also let me know. All this while I was still in the world, I was depending on human favour instead of God’s favour. 

A week later, a friend of mine buzzed me and told me to meet someone, I did as required and I got the job. But after a year I lost that job. 

Where am I driving at, all those times I depended on human favour forgetting that the Lord is the ruler of all things. I depended so much on my efforts and what I can get from my people. Bringing me back to the first paragraph, heaven help those who help themselves. My brethren I don’t follow that quote because if you’ve tried all you could to achieve something and you didn’t get it, you have helped yourself without acknowledging the fact that there is one person you have to offer everything to, my father in heaven. Have tried many times in the past to get things done myself but it didn’t last. 

It is only the grace of God that elevates each and everyone of us. Using my situation as an example, I left everything to God without even doing anything to get the job. Just a phone call and God did it. God knows our heart desires, if you put the little you can by praying and acknowledging the fact that He alone can change situations, my brethren your miracle will be a testimony to nations. 

All fall into the Grace of God (the unmerited favour of God). 

If the grace of God is with you, nothing will ever be difficult for you, you will receive things you never worked for, you will receive things you never hoped for, things you never ever thought will happen. 

Only by the grace of God am alive, am not sick, I have a job that I don’t need to stress myself with, I have a great woman to become my wife, I have a family, and few great friends. All this because of grace and mercy. 

Pray for supernatural favour and breakthrough, pray for grace to never depart from you. 

Have a blessed day guys!!! 

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