Don’t Forget God’s Mercy And Goodness In Your Daily Lives

Let me start with the Israelites in Psalms 106. This verse talks about how the Israelites angered God by forgetting His mercy and goodness in their lives. If not for Moses intervention, God would have destroyed them because they forgot so soon who brought them out of bondage in Egypt. 

I remember back when I never thought of going through this journey of righteousness. I just observe things that just come to me without any stress. Well I didn’t know it’s God’s mercy and grace working. Another time will come when I work and stress for something and I don’t get it, I become very frustrated and angry at myself, friends and surroundings. Thank God for the mercy of God, we learn everyday. 

I realized I wasn’t appreciative of God’s goodness in my life, I complained a lot. Now whenever I try to hit the hot pot again,  I remember His goodness in my life,  what He has done for me that was impossible. I praise and give thanks to Him for His goodness endureth forever. 

My beloved, please let’s not anger God whenever we angry and forget His goodness in our life. We are human beings and most times these feelings are inevitable but with the Holy Spirit guiding us, we should always be thankful and enjoy the goodness of God in our lives. 

Have a blessed day guys!!! 

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