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Over 200,000 Security Personnel Will Guard Egyptian Christmas Services from Attack: Review

In the news recently in Egypt, security personnel will guard Christians during the festive period from attacks..  Great news!!

 According to Christian  headlines,  Some 230,000 security personnel will guard Christmas celebrations in Egypt next week after a string of church and mosque bombings in the country.

“Holidays and vacations were canceled for security personnel and officers at all security directorates across the country,” security sources told Middle East News Agency .

“Security forces are also planned to intensify proactive hits against terrorist organizations, as well as tightening security measures at border crossings between North Sinai and other governorates, to prevent any infiltration from terrorist elements into the cities,” sources told MENA.

Security officers and employees will be stationed to the 2,626 churches in Egypt. Authorities are also monitoring public parks and tourist sites.

Churches are beefing up security with CCTV and metal detector systems after an uptick in terror attacks at Egyptian churches.

Last December, police said 29 people were killed during a suicide bombing in Cairo’s St. Peter and St. Paul Church.

In April, on Palm Sunday, 47 people were killed in twin bombings at the St. George Cathedral in Tanta and St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria.

Then in November, the Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for an attack on a mosque in Bir Al-Abed where more than 300 Muslims were killed.

The attacks started after Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian military in 2013 from his position.

We need more of this in Islamic nations with Christians. Protecting one another from evil forces. If Egypt can do this, I will also appreciate if Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other islmaic states to also adopt this.. 

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