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Human Sex Dolls/Robots: Genius Or Stupidity? 

The first time i got to hear about the human sex doll was when it was really trending on twitter. I was shocked, like why this again.  God gave us the wisdom and knowledge doesn’t mean we should use it for irrelevant things.  Am sure if you ask some peeps if it was a cool idea, their answers will be a big yes.  But do they know the negative side effects aside the spiritual aspect.


Most men will use this as an excuse not to satisfy their spouses on bed, because they will be more fantasize with the doll than their wives. Even if one is single, it gives an increase of fornication and irrelevant sex fantasy. It is just barbaric to think a doll will replace the beauty and natural anatomy of a woman. 


The bedroom is a new battleground for the looming struggle between robotics and humans as a sex robot industry raises important ethical, moral and behavioral dilemmas.

According to WikiTribune, The rise of sex dolls or robot may cure sexual dysfunction and unlock new sexual possibilities. But there could be a dark side: an acceptance of sexual violence and even greater objectification of women as a result of dolls as sexualized, subordinate, playthings.

The pursuit of connection, stimulation and pleasure in our increasingly disconnected society can be complicated. We’re in a civilization that has built the means for sexting, dating apps, online porn and sex dolls. Now, sex robots are predicted to be the future.

Another source from Silicon Wives also wrote on “why do men buy sex dolls? ” 

 Why do men like sex dolls? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on lifelike silicone dolls instead of pursuing real women?

Below are quotes from real sex doll owners on why they bought a sex doll.  Source: dollforum.com

Top 3 Reasons:

  1. For a better sex life.
  2. For companionship, and to fight loneliness.
  3. To satisfy a specific doll fetish.

Quotes from Doll Owners:

“For me, I’m just tired of being alone. Already been there my whole life, don’t want to live out the rest of my life that way too. I figure a fake girl is better than no girl at all. Aside from that, any girl I could realistically be with wouldn’t look nearly as good as some of the dolls folks are selling out there.”

“I just got tired of being alone. Most of the women I went out with got pissed when race season got here and I went to work on race cars on most weekends. And I don’t want all the head games that real women bring with them.”

“It seems that the entire dating/marriage concept has become sort of a death-trap for males. No matter how you try to play it, she will always hold all of the cards and will most likely use them at some point.

Dolls are a good sensible alternative. They meet my needs well enough for the arrangement to be sustainable.”

I was married for 25 years, most of the last ten years were unhappy, now that I’m single again the last thing I want is a (real) relationship. Dolls don’t complain, there always there, never have a headache. dolls win.

“I started with a latex balloon fetish in my youth. It expanded into inflatable dolls then silicone dolls.
The dolls are not a substitute for a relationship, they are just for a kind of fantasy.” 

Never had a girlfriend, tried online dating for years with zero success. I had reached a point in my life, where I thought the same as you. Having a doll is better than having no female presence in my life at all.

My social life is almost nonexistent… Working at night and sleeping until the crack of noon with enough time to eat, get a small work out in and shower after, then head to work… No time to look for a relationship, tried online dating to no avail, and some major trust issues(from very bad experiences) have lead me to wanting a doll”

“To capture the beauty of female expression in photographs. I have always admired what some have done with their photography of them.”

“Playing w/ my GI Joe, Stretch Armstrong and so on were fun as a kid, but THE REAL FUN started when my cousin asked me to play w/ her & barbies ( I had Ken ) …. Ken got naughty w/ the Barbies when she was away!” 

With dolls, I can be myself. I don’t have to put up a façade to trick them into wanting to be with me (which I was never particularly good at anyway). They’re always there for me, they don’t judge me, don’t pressure me to change into what they expect me to be. Granted, they’re no substitute for real human interaction, but I have my friends and family for that.”

“I have always wanted some type of sex doll ever since I was a kid. I use to buy Barbie dolls and then make them anatomically correct. I have a collection now. Went through a phase of inflatables but always desired something more real.”

“I just got tired of walking into an empty house after a stressful day at work. All I have to do is see my doll smiling in the corner and know everything is going to be ok. I know my house is still empty but at least with my dolls here it does not feel empty.”

“I’m married, but get way less sex than I’d like. Doll sex not only makes up the difference, it satisfies many itches that married sex won’t: Sex acts the wife doesn’t do with me and some I’d be afraid or embarrassed to even ask for.” 

My fascination with beautiful realistic mannequins, women’s fashion, futuristic movies about androids, and the fleshlight led me to this.”

“Not sure, I’m a good looking guy, and can pick up girls with no problem. 
I think its all in the fantasy, I was always into anime and i guess it grew from their. most my dolls are Asian or have the anime look to them.” 

I wanted a companion. That I can hug into sleep. Or not feel lonely when I play computer games. I find her too cute. The elf model that I have bought.”

“I bought my first doll (an inflatable) to “practice” with since I had issues with lasting power in bed. When I got comfortable enough with that (it took about four years) I actually didn’t really meet anyone who I wanted to get involved in, and living on the west coast you never know what kinda disease somebody could be carrying around. Dolls have the advantage of being clean and available, so they become a natural progression step.”

“I basically just wanted a girlfriend that could deal with my disability and wasn’t fat. After years of trying and endless rejection, I decided to get a doll.

This is just sad. God is so merciful!  Reading all these sources from from men, married and single is just too sad.  As i earlier said to fantasize, with these most homes will be recked, arguments, fights and all.  

Please i will love you guys to comment on this trending topic of discussion. Is this going solve any issue in our society today or destroy? 

Lord Jesus have mercy on us. 

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  1. This is a continuation of the trend to effectively de-humanize sex. Sexual intimacy is relational, as in the emotional relations between the spouses. It is not just physical.

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