Delivered From Drugs And Alcohol

By sharing our testimonies we are conquerors of our own destiny.. I am saved, born again, and baptized by our lord Jesus.

I once was so, so far away from the truth and i blindly let the devil take me into his playground and he stole everything i had in my life, Family,money, and “love”. I grew up as a kid an apostolic christian and at one point was a pastors kid. Later a family of 7 had been broken up because my mom left and everyone went their separate ways. I was alone most of the time and started getting involved with drugs and alcohol and truly because of the absence of love. I felt cold and hate and just didn’t care about my life. My dad still kept going to church without me and i just stayed away from it all. My new “friends” i met were daily pot smokers and that’s all they did. My dad being gone alot we would always be at my house i had so much breakdowns and i would cry so much because i felt so alone. I hated who i was in the mirror but my father told me that everything i did i was proud of. I couldn’t take more of it. so one day one of my friends who would smoke with me all the time invited me to youth group and so i went not expecting anything but the spirit of God whispered to me and took all that was in me and made me new. I didn’t know what to do anymore because i was living a new life. The church then invited me to a teen retreat and we had a guest speaker (from Tennessee whom i never met) who in the middle of his sermon points me out and delivers me and i was completely washed away the Holy Spirit took over my whole mind and body and moved me.. now i continue to practice in the word and am a leader in my church. I mean for a time period of 6 months God has done so much with me. an evangelist told me that God will use me for his glory and it touched me. God bless all, lets reach out to our brothers and sisters.

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