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Unveiling Of Exclusively Yours Clothing (New Collections) @exclusivelyyoursclothings #fashion #trending

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Exclusively Yours Clothing was borne out of a passionate and creative mind, with extreme simplicity and class. I have always loved clothes and loved to have them in multitude, to the extent that I started thinking of starting a clothing business since I was in JSS 3 but then you know the restraint a young boy from a home where there are strict parents and you just have to be obedient or else trouble looms for you. I started watching different designers closely, I started going to different tailors place all in the name of trying to know the process of creating clothes.

Gathering different materials became my starting point, fortunately for me there was one asuu strike then I went to a nearby tailor back then in Ibadan, started learning and creating different designs. I encountered different challenges and it was difficult to start Big, so I started my clothing business with making boxers, lots of my friends and family bought it and I had created a brand before I knew it, I upgraded to making round necks and club Jersey, then started adding all other wears. Below are the details of all products we make now at EYC:

Corporate Shirts- Our corporate shirts is made from the finest cotton material, tailored by well trained and smart tailors to create a slim fitted, classic and exclusive shirt. We make casuals shirts, corporate shirts in different designs, colours and sizes.

Trousers: our trousers are made from fluffy Italian cashmere materials, can be pencil trousers, straight cut and free size all according to the specifications of the client, we try as much as possible to give our customers the taste and look they deserve.

African Fabrics- this consists of different indigenous African and Nigerian wears ranging from buba and shokoto with agbada and fila, danshiki, esiki, kembe, babariga, Igbo wears, from the cap to their wrapper to all other wears made in their culture, we also create all cultural wears from different aspects of Nigeria according to the specifications of the customers.

Bespoke suits- our Suits comes in various designs ranging from a 2 piece 2 button suit, 1 button 2 piece suit, a 3 piece suit which consist of the blazers, trousers and a waist coat which comes in different designs too. We also have double breasted Suits, No lapel Suits, and a host of other designs. Our suits are made from materials imported from Italy, Turkey, China, Dubai and other international countries. You can be rest assured that our products will fit perfectly and you will get value for your money.

Shoes, Sandals, slippers: we make footwears as stated above, all are made from genuine leather, carefully crafted in Lagos Nigeria, detailed to satisfy your longevity desires, constant maintenance makes it new like never before.

Male accessories: we also sell accessories like lapel pins, pocket squares, wrist watch, bracelet, rings, ties. All products are very original and authentic!! We are a very customer centric clothing line we heed to our customers advice and complains we pay attention to details we always make sure we keep our customers satisfied. And should Incase any customer is not happy with anything, we create another wear or product as the case maybe for the customer free of charge, this is to let the world know we have not just come to do business we have come to make an impact in the fashion industry. We also get inspired by other great designers whom we have adopted as our role model, for Suits we look up to the likes of Mai Atafo, Tayo Gabriel’s, Kimono. And for natives we look up to Seyivodi, Yomi Casual, Ebewele brown bespoke. Finally, our vision is to make everyone look Exclusive, classy and respected!!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eyclothings

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