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Daily Discoveries: The Mediocre Christian

Daniel 1:20- In every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king questioned them, he found them 10 times better than all the magicians in the whole kingdom.

Excellence is the possession of good qualities in an unusual degree. For the people of the earth to know who your father is, you must represent that father just like Daniel and his friends did. If you have not seen promotion in your life, it is because you are living below standard as a child of God. Everything from your speech to your conduct to your environment should radiate excellence.

The reason why many of us are not manifesting our God given abilities is because we are living in mediocrity. You must be determined to be the best in your words, thought and action. For example, if you are comfortable using vulgar words as a Christian then there is a problem. You carry an excellent spirit inside of you therefore you are not the average Joe and cannot afford to behave like one.

Finally, the spiritual world controls the physical. If you don’t develop an excellent spirit you cannot live an excellent life. You become before you do and to become is knowing the word of God. Until a Christian understands this process, you may continually fail before kings.

A mediocre Christian is a weak one. Be excellent in all that you do.

The daily discoveries is a daily motivational and inspirational guide as you wake every morning to get connected with God.

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