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Word Of Encouragement By Joyce Meyer

God have something for you to do which is very important. Losten and remain blessed.

2 responses to “Word Of Encouragement By Joyce Meyer”

  1. Jeffrey Gargiulo avatar
    Jeffrey Gargiulo

    joyce meyer is a tbn charlaton…PERIOD!! Thanks to these people many will fall away from the faith.or i can put it another way to all of them,Jesus said to the rich man,give all your possesions to the poor,take up your cross and follow me…PERIOD!! do these people do that?NO! they just can’t seem to have enough money,you’d think $15 million a yea would be enough for anyone and more…RIGHT!! No its OK THOUGH RIGHT?

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    1. Thanks for the comment..
      But don’t be the judge of that.. If you think what you saying is right, put it to God. I read meanings to her preaching and have helped me to some extent in my life.


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