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Is Education Essential For Success?

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Am sure this is not the first time you have come across this topic.

In an analysis of the members of the Forbes 400, the 400 richest men and women in the world today, researchers found that a person who dropped out of high school and who made it into the Forbes 400 was worth, on average, $1.2 Billion more than those who had completed college or university.

There are a record 2,208 billionaires in the world, according to Forbes’ 2018 rich list

The reason I mention this is because many people feel that if they didn’t get good grades in school they are permanently limited in what they can accomplish later in life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the wealthiest, most successful men and women in the world, did poorly in school.

Remember the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer, “One bite at a time.” This is the same way that you become absolutely excellent at what you do. You move to the top one step, one skill, one small improvement at a time.

So what is your opinion on this topic today. Is having an education essential to success?

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2 responses to “Is Education Essential For Success?”

  1. I think Education can open doors. But less than you think. There are certain career fields you have to have an education to get into. For instance specialised areas like law, medicine etc. And lots of jobs that require a certain level of education. But generally I think self belief and determination are the most important thing. As well as a healthy dose of imagination.

    There are so many people including graduates in low level jobs or unemployed nowadays. People have a lot of limiting beliefs. But they are just that. Beliefs. If you become a Trail Blazer not a Path Follower you can get ahead. If you cant find opportunities you have to create them!

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    1. Really appreciate your view on this.


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