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Interview Discussion With The Leading CEO Of Painting In Lagos State Nigeria: Meet Adeuja Olatunbosun- CEO Of Ipaintgrafix

Our guest today is an intelligent, focused, and business minded person. He is also compassionate, sagacious, and friend to everyone. He is the CEO of Ipaintgrafix, a painting company that has covered a lot of home with beauty and taste. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Adeuja Olatunbosun

1. Tell us a bit about your background, school, and Where were you born?
I was born in Abeokuta, Ogun state. He had his secondary and tertiary education in Christ the King Catholic College, And Redeemer’s university respectively.
2. How was life growing up?

I was born into a family that has a real estate, painting and medical background. Growing up was interesting, enjoyed every single bit of it.

3. At what age in your life did you decide you wanted to go into the painting business?

Painting has been a family business so, it was easy to venture into it and make waves.

4. How do you cope running a fast growing business?
Running a business is challenging. Major issues are staffing, skilled personels, logistics and quality product marketing. We have been able to breakthrough by investing in our workers, constantly training them and ensuring customer care and satisfaction.
5. Is being a CEO a burden or a blessing or a bit of both?
Being a CEO is a bit of a burden but more of a blessing. The key is to delegate duties to capable hands. Create a system that works in your absence. Have a quality control and customer feedback system that works.

6. What challenged have you had to go through as a business owner?
Painting and decorating requires patients, high taste, quality and topnotch finishing. It’s important to do 3D and 4D rendering for your clientele. Ensure they have an idea of what their space would look like after project completion.
7. In your opinion, what is the most difficult part about painters and decorators in Nigeria?

Purchase of Advanced Painting equipments such as spray guns,mechanical electric airless spray painters , Black and Decker Rapid rollers , Frog tapes etc…
Be sure to agree on all terms with client and their family. Don’t take the issue of kids room lightly . Be sure you know what the kids want for their space and delivery accordingly. Some clients are colour blind, and asides from 3D rendering, we always do on site sample colours application to be in agreement with client as regards their painting colour scope. Most client don’t like paying their balance upon project completion. So, we ensure we get at least 75% upfront payment before project commencement. Also, be sure to agree on payment terms,conditions and total price. Send mails and text messages for back up and proofs.
Me: I can attest to this very well.

8. What’s the weirdest thing a customer/ staff has ever told you?
Customers always want the best . But most aren’t willing to pay for the best. Discounts makes customers happy. If you give lots of discounts, you get lots of happy customers.

9. Your business confident is so bold, do you sometimes have the fear of the unknown?
No fears, as long as plans are in place, colours and painting scope are agreed upon, everything works out just fine. Honesty and quality is key in our business.
10. Which other professional are you looking to work with or have something coming out with?
Our company works with 2 architectural and 1 legal firm to deliver quality to our clients and handle conflicts resolution respectively.

11. If you had a chance to work with one person in the world, who would it be?
We want to Work with successful real estate companies. We believe a quality building deserves a quality painting finish. As painting improves the aesthetics of an architectural piece.
12. What are your top 3 points in your note or pad that you always reflect on?

  • Help people solve problems by providing lasting solutions
  • Create value
  • Make your customers happy. The cheapest feedbacks and referrals are from happy customers.

13. What are some things that you would like to accomplish but not in view yet in your business career?

Build a mega paints production factory and training facility for kids, youths in our community. Have a Training institute that can educate,supply professional painters to the rising realestate demand in our country . Also, Export paints and allied chemicals to all parts of the world.

14. What advice would you give to unmotivated and non inspired people around the world. Please explain???
Believe in yourself, good things takes time. Read helpful books, branding is key, maximize your relationships with people, network, attend seminars and events, check up free events on Events Brite platform. Look for problems, find cheap and faster ways to solve them and you’re on your way to making genuine wealth. Be prayerful and honest.

15. What’s next for Bosun?
We are expanding Into real estate and construction.

NB: Why do I interview people like this? Because we need to motivated and encouraged to do what we want to do in life, to become what we want to become in life, to achieve a goal and contribute to humanity.

We appreciate your time with us. Thank you.

For painting inquiry:

Instagram: @ipaintgrafix.ng

Email: ipaintgrafix@gmail.com

Till next time, have a great day!!!

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