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This Week’s Top Stories: Meet Mary Azaki Sabo- Marketer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, And Fashion Designer

Independence is a character trait that many people admire. Independence does not mean that we don’t need the love and support of others in our lives, but it does mean having the courage to pave your own path. Life and career success often requires a level of independence — a willingness to break away from the pack to prioritize your freedom and find your own way.
Many of the successful women we admire today and throughout history are independent women who have overcome adversity and challenged the status quo — they’ve taught a lot of lessons about independent women. They serve as role models for many women who continue to pursue their passions in order to fulfill purpose and become independent, whether striving to be an independent thinker or to become financially independent. If you encounter challenges or ever need to go at it alone – look for successful women to inspire you and keep you motivated.

Today I want to celebrate one of such women. I will briefly introduce her and give you quick detailed profile of this strong independent woman: Mary Azaki Sabo.

Introduction: Mary Azaki Sabo, from Abaji area council, FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Mary is a serial entrepreneur and hard worker. I have had the privilege of working with her in the past and I can testify to this, she gets the job done. She calls herself a “workaholic”. She loves cooking, travelling, swimming, and playing candy crush.

Mary speaks 4 languages; English, French, Hausa, and her native language Gbagyi fluently.

She is a marketer and the lead marketer for Louis Vuitton in Abuja Nigeria. Aside doing what she loves best which is marketing, Mary is also a fashion designer. Am sure very soon her brand will be going global. Aside this, she also has a laundry service, and passionate about mining. She plans to develop the mining industry in the country, by involving the youths in developing the mineral resources sector in the country.

Mary is also passionate in giving back to the society. She is the CEO of Azaki foundation. Her foundation focuses on “Women in Distress”. Most of them are widows and single mothers. She sensitizes them of their values and never to give up on life.

She supports with the little she gets from friends, colleagues, and very soon getting sponsors for her foundation. She loves to see people smile.

Am proud to call her a friend, and also a future leader of our great nation, leading women to greater heights.

Mary is a very reserved and jovial lady, feel free to engage with her if you interested in her services.

Follow Mary on IG: @azaki_empire

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