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Career is Great, But Entrepreneurship is The Salt Of Life

The Richest
Man in China said:
_If you put Bananas and
Money in front of
Monkeys, Monkeys will
choose Bananas
because monkeys do
not know that *Money
can buy a lot of

if you offer JOB and
BUSINESS to people,
they would choose JOB
because most people
do not know that
BUSINESS can bring
more MONEY than

Robert Kiyosaki,
author of the best
selling book “RICH DAD,
POOR DAD” and also a
business partner of
Donald Trump said:
_”One of the reasons
poor are poor, is
because they are NOT
They spend too much
time in school and what
they have learnt in
school, is to WORK FOR
WAGES instead of

“Profit is better than
Wages, for Wages can
make you a living but
Profits can bring you a

and stop fighting over
increments of salaries,
it still won’t be enough
Hear this from a
Professor to freshmen
and women during their

he is an Acting DVC
Academic at a small/
new university in
“Academic excellence is
Being top of your class
does not necessarily
guarantee that you will
be at the top of life.
You could graduate as
the best student in
Finance but it doesn’t
mean you will make
more money than
everybody else.
The best graduating
Law student does not
necessarily become the
best lawyer.

The fact is, life requires
more than the ability to
understand a concept,
memorise it and
reproduce it in an exam.
School rewards people
for their memory.
Life rewards people for
their imagination.
School rewards caution,
life rewards daring.
School hails those who
live by the rules. Life
exalts those who break
the rules and set new

So do I mean people
shouldn’t study hard in
school? Oh, no, you
should. But don’t
sacrifice every other
thing on the altar of
First Class.

Don’t limit yourself to
the classroom. Do
something practical.
Take a leadership
Start a business and
fail. That’s a better
Entrepreneurship 101.

Join or start a good club.
Contest an election and
lose. It will teach you
something Political
Science 101 will not
teach you.

Attend seminars.
Read books outside the
scope of your course.
Go on missions and win
a soul for eternal

Do something you
believe in!
Think less of becoming
an excellent student
but think more of
becoming an excellent

Don’t make the
classroom to be your
world but Make the
world your classroom.
Step forward, try
politics, try farming, try
businesses, try an
extra thing .
Entrepreneurship is the
salt of life, “diversify your income.

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