Today’s Nugget: Learn To Accept The Imperfect

person hands with green paint

Needing everything to be perfect in order to make you happy is a quick route to being unhappy most of the time. If you are only ever happy with perfection, then you will severely limit your chances of being happy since perfection, in anything, is difficult to achieve; expecting everything in your life to be perfect, is near impossible. So does this mean that you will have to lower your standards in order to be happy? Happily, it doesn’t. Your standards can be set as high as you wish, but what you will need to learn to adjust is where you set your sights. Having high standards is all well and good, but needing everything to be 100 percent correct can quickly provide a tangible barrier to happiness. Accepting that very little is, in fact, perfect, and setting your sights just a little lower, means that you will achieve your aims much more of the time.

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