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(Devotional) A Shelter Through the Storm

If you’ve ever experienced a strong storm or natural disaster, you know the importance of a safety shelter to protect you. Whenever there is threat, we need something stronger than that threat to shield us.

This is also true in a daily lives. We are susceptible to attacks from our spiritual enemy and from other dangers in life. Sometimes we need to be rescued from our thoughts and habits. Other times we need someone to help us heal from something that we can’t handle by ourselves.

Scripture refers to God as our refuge and shelter. As children of God, we can rest in His strength and power, knowing that He is able to keep us safe from any situation we may experience.

Because God created us, He truly know what’s best for us. He knows how to protect our souls and keep us from danger.

However, this requires that we go to Him when we need help. We cannot rest in His presence if we do not spend time in His presence. He is a refuge to those who actively trust Him and seek His help. Regardless of what difficulty you’re experiencing, God is able to keep you through it.

The best way to seek God’s help is through prayer. Spend some time talking with God, telling Him exactly how you feel. Ask Him the things you need. As you seek His presence and trust in Him, He will protect you and keep you safe.

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