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Loss of My Job

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Hello guys,

I won’t call it a success but a work in progress. I started This blog due to my past challenges and failure to get a better job back in my country Nigeria. It was a time when I asked myself some really hard questions. “What am I going to do”. I was confused and depressed. I ran to the only person that can guide my path and see me through. I went to God praying and Fasting. Lots of Thanksgiving and giving to others. Also, I give credit to my dad for his sagacious advice during this period.

That path led me here to create this blog. To allow people to see life as a success in whatever ways and not a failure. So far it is a work in progress and I know it has touched and change some people’s lives or the way they see life to some extent.

Motivated And Free is my continued progress and success.


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