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Video: Why is Christianity the Only Religion in the World That Face Persecution?

Sometimes, I lose in my thoughts when I read or watch what Christians face in the world. Are we the only religion persecuted. Because when we speak or defend our faith. It turns out to be fault or misleading.

This video got me in tears. However, Christ will always be victorious, so as His children.

I know some people will feel we are persecuted because of these factors:

Firstly, Christianity is the world’s most significant religion, with over 2 billion followers globally. Its impact on history, society, and culture has been immense. Christianity’s temporal power at different times in history led to conflicts, wars, and colonisation. Christianity was also forcibly imposed on several places around the world, leading to resentment and opposition.

Secondly, Christianity espouses moral ideas that can be challenging to maintain. It seeks to influence all aspects of human life and has a vast number of doctrines, percepts, and injunctions. Christians are expected to adhere strictly to these teachings in all areas of their lives. The rigid application of these ideals can lead to abrasions and criticisms, often viewed as hypocritical.

Furthermore, Christianity also has a history of being ethnocentric, sexist, homophones, and judgemental. Christian denominations, clergy, and Believers have often been quite rigid in their views of other people’s faiths, cultures, and lifestyles. For example, they have often viewed non-Christians as heathens, non-believwrs, and sinners. This rigidity in religious views and dismissing other people’s beliefs can lead to criticism, judgement, and alienation.

Lastly, a considerable number of Christians are prominent in politics globally. Their beliefs, values, and intersection of religion and politics evoke various opinions and reactions from different people. For example, certain Christian groups advocate for policies and outcomes in politics that conflict with other people’s political,  social, and ethical views.

In all, it is essential to remember that criticisms and judgements of Christianity are not unique in the world. Many factors explain why Christianity attracts criticism and scrutinity, some of which are beyond the Church’s control. It is also up to those who criticise to ensure that they’re criticising the actual teachings of Christianity and not the actions of fallible human beings associated with the religion.

Also, most critics know the truth, yet they are afraid to acknowledge it. Nobody is perfect, we follow the instructions in the Bible. We should go ye to the world and preach the gospel. Critic might see it as forceful. It is a movement with a goal to help lost souls back to Christ.

I will appreciate your contributions to this in the comment section.


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