World’s 8 Superb Lessons Worth Sharing With Loved Ones

*Shakespeare :*👌🏿

Never play with the feelings

of others because you may

win the game but the risk is

that you will surely lose

the person for a life time.



The world suffers a lot. Not

because of the violence of

bad people, But because of

the silence of good people!


*Einstein :*👌🏿

I am thankful to all those

who said NO to me It’s

because of them I did it



*Abraham Lincoln :*👌🏿

If friendship is your weakest

point then you are the

strongest person in the



*Shakespeare :*👌🏿

Laughing faces do not

mean that there is absence

of sorrow! But it means that

they have the ability to deal

with it.


*William Arthur :* 👌🏿

Opportunities are like

sunrises, if you wait too

long you can miss them.


*Hitler :* 👌🏿

When you are in the light,

Everything follows you, But

when you enter into the

dark, Even your own shadow

doesn’t follow you.


*Shakespeare :* 👌🏿

Coin always makes sound

but the currency notes are

always silent. So when

your value increases

keep quiet.

Hope you gained something from this.

Just Like Abraham Lincoln: Never Quit

Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown.

He could have quitted many times – but he didn’t and because he didn’t quit, he became one of the greatest presidents in the United States history.

Here is a sketch of Lincoln’s road to success;

1816 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.

1818 His mother died.

1831 Failed in business.

1832 Ran for state legislature – lost.

1832 Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get in.

1833 Borrowed some money from a friend to begin a business and by the end of the year he was bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off this debt.

1834 Ran for state legislature again – won.

1835 Was engaged to be married, sweetheart died and his heart was broken.

1836 Had a total nervous breakdown and was in bed for six months.

1838 Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.

1840 Sought to become elector – defeated.

1843 Ran for Congress – lost.

1846 Ran for Congress again – this time he won – went to Washington and did a good job.

1848 Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.

1849 Sought the job of land officer in his home state – rejected.

1854 Ran for Senate of the United States – lost.

1856 Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention – get less than 100 votes.

1858 Ran for U.S. Senate again – again he lost.1860 Elected president of the United States.

Check out the chronological order of this great man. Am sure most of us would have quitted a long time ago, 🤔ain’t easy at all. But this man keeps going. Whenever I read about Abraham Lincoln, his story motivates and inspires me.

Ajayi Olowo: A Leader’s Race To Victory

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Barrister Ajayi Olowo is more than the next Governor of Ekiti State. He’s a model of leadership who demonstrates traits and characteristics that are essential for present day leaders and professionals.

Before and after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln confronted a variety of trials and obstacles, but remained committed to his vision to create a free nation. Just like Lincoln, Ajayi Olowo embodies many admirable qualities, two are especially relevant:

Ajayi Olowo is a master listener.

Like most leaders, Olowo dealt with conflicting views and personalities, yet he’s known as a man who listened. People were free to oppose his point of view without fear of retaliation. Of course, listening wasn’t always an indication of Olowo’s agreement. He would simply listen to competing ideas, process what he’d heard, and then respectfully make his final decision.

Ajayi Olowo is a master communicator.

Olowo is a communicator who artfully wove his vision for a new Ekiti with the priorities of his team. This is no small feat, and one executives wrestle with daily. Often, it’s difficult to make executive decisions that are best for long-term success when they conflict with short-term interests. Olowo is a speaker of the people. In other words, he simplified his vision and presented it in a way that conveyed his understanding of the people.

Having a vision is one thing, but believing that it is possible and will happen is what separates a successful leader and others.

Wisdom In Stories

History has some very unique qualities about it. History is a record of what has happened in the past, and the really fascinating thing is that much of history has been repeated time and again. It allows us to learn from the past, both the mistakes made and the successes achieved.

Benefits of History
One of the benefits of history is reading how other people both famous and totally unknown have overcome tremendous challenges in their life. These challenges, although particular to a person, or to a certain time in the past, or occurring in a different country or culture all convey wisdom in their short stories of perseverance.

Thomas Edison
Take for example the story of Thomas Edison and how many failures he encountered while on the road to finally inventing the modern day light bulb. He could be held out as an example of a person who never gave up. I am sure he was discouraged by his many failures but he did not let those failures stop him. He had a dream and he just kept trying different things until he did reach success.

Abraham Lincoln
Or, consider the story of Abraham Lincoln who managed to become President of the United States even though he suffered many setbacks and personal losses. Most of us only realize the success of Mr. Lincoln becoming President. Few of us knew about the many challenges he had to overcome. His life was not an easy one. His story is one that motivates us to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles we have in life.

True Life Stories
Stories, whether short or long, recount trials, tribulations, failures, and self doubt.
And, true stories that will give you pause to reconsider quitting, or food for thought about going after your dreams even though you may not think you have the background, courage or tenacity to get what you have always desired.

Short stories can be full of wisdom gained through true-life experience and not some fictional story that you might read. They could inspire you to be all that you can be.

Why Are Stories So Powerful?
Is it only because they are written so well, or that they tell about some unique venture or culturally shocking transposition?
Stories are more powerful because they are memorable in that they stick in your mind.
“Storytelling in general is a communal act. Throughout human history, people would gather around, whether by the fire or at a tavern, and tell stories. One person would chime in, then another, maybe someone would repeat a story they heard already but with a different spin. It’s a collective process.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
A story is much more memorable than seeing a motivational speaker, unless of course if the person is telling their own true story. It is much more memorable than reading a book of theory or a book of how to. And, when you succeed, notice I did not say “if”, it is important for you to recount the details of your success , what you had to achieve, what you had to overcome, your tenacity, and whether you received help from others or had to go it alone.

Share Your Story
Just the fact that you write about your success and publish it in a book or on the web, may just be the inspiration someone needed to move forward in his or her own life.

Your story may be the message the person has heard many times before but hearing your story shares the message in a way that the person can relate to.

So share your story, not just the success but the challenges, the failures. Be the motivation to someone else. Make a difference in someone else’s life by sharing.