Music: Gospel Artist Beverly Ononye Releases New Song Tiltled “My Always”

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Gospel sensation Beverly Ononye kicks off this month with the release of her very infectious tune titled MY ALWAYS.

She explains the inspiration behind this worship song…..”My Always” is a song of intimacy and an encouragement to walk in love with God continually.This track is part of her upcoming album which is set for release in the last quarter of 2019.

According to the woman of God, her purpose is to be the voice that reminds the “church” of the need to understand and fully maximize their new identity in Christ.

Enjoy this one, and watch this space for more tunes and to follow in due time.

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Kids These Days: Generation Z Most Conservative Since WWII

Around the world.

Kids These Days: Generation Z

For at least a decade, Millennials have been stereotyped as lazy, entitled, and stuck on social media. In Nigeria, our President had already tagged us to be lazy youths with no ambition. While that may not be entirely fair, they are notoriously liberal, overwhelmingly supporting left-leaning candidates and favoring policies like nationalized healthcare and same-sex “marriage.”

But Millennials are also getting old—relatively speaking. The first are now reaching the ripe old age of thirty-five! And sometime between 1995 and 2000, the millennial generation ended, or at least stopped being born, and a new generation began.

Members of “Generation Z” are now beginning to graduate high school, and 2016 was the first time any of them were old enough to vote. At seventy million and counting, they’re also about to outnumber their predecessors.

So, what’s so intriguing about this new brood? Well, according to a growing body of research, they may be, by certain measures, the most conservative generation since World War II—more than Millennials, Generation Xers and even the Baby-Boomers.

Millennials were raised in a time of roaring prosperity, when video cassettes were a bigger influence than digital technology, and many came of age before the age of radical Islamic terror. Gen Z kids, by contrast, are “digital natives.” They’ve never known life without the Internet, and have grown up surrounded by instant access to the world’s harsh realities on their smart phones.

These young people are products of conflict and recession. They can only remember a news cycle “marred by economic stress, rising student debt… and war overseas.” As a result, they’ve taken on what one team of Goldman-Sachs analysts called a “more pragmatic” and conservative outlook on the world.

Of course, generalizations at this stage are very early and very subject to development.

And get this: According to one British study conducted by global consultancy firm, The Guild, almost sixty percent of Gen Z respondents in the U.K. described their views on “same-sex marriage, transgender rights and marijuana legalization” as “conservative” or “moderate,” compared with a whopping 83% of Millennials who called themselves “quite” or “very liberal” on these issues. The Gen Z participants were even ten times more likely than Millennials to dislike tattoos and body piercings!

These are good trends, but these students still need discipleship and catechesis. A tendency toward traditional values, by itself, means nothing unless those who believe in revealed Truth, the Gospel, the natural family, and political and religious liberty step forward and train the next generation to articulate and live out these truths.

What is clear from this emerging data about the young is that they don’t fit neatly into rhetoric about the “right side of history.” As Columbia University sociologist, Musa Al-Gharbi writes, trends like this are deeply troubling for those so recently crowing that the future belonged to one political party.

No one knows what the future holds, except the One Who holds the future! And the fact that so many were apparently wrong about the right side of history is just another reminder that He alone is God, Whom the Psalmist called “faithful throughout all generations.”

Dropping Soon: Steve Willis “Good To Me”

One of Nigeria’s best Gospel stars “Steve Willis” is about to drop his first track for the year 2018. By 5th of this month, “Good to me” will be available for downloads and streaming.

I don’t want to be a spoiler alert till the song drops and you hear it yourself. By the way all his tracks are hits, this one will definitely be a top notch.


New Music: Psalmos Ft Tope Alabi- Jesu Joba

Join Psalmos and Tope Alabi to sing this heartfelt and sensational new song that lays emphasis on the supremacy, kingship and lordship of Christ Jesus, and also His imminent return for the saints.

​The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof psalm 24. Brand New Music Jesu Joba  by Psalmos @psalmosofficial (ft. Tope Alabi @tope_alabi_) exclusive release on Boomplay Music @boomplaymusicng for more info on artist

Download and Stream

You can also follow the lyrics while listening; 


O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

Jesu j’oba o O nj’oba

Oba to kari aye there is none like you

King of the universe You reign O nj’oba

Oba to kari aye there is none like you

King of the universe You rule O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

Oba to kari aye there is none like you

King of the universe You rule O nj’oba

Oba to kari aye there is none like you

King of the universe You rule O nj’oba

Sovereign God doing mighty things

Pouring out your Spirit on us

You reign in heaven and on earth

You are God all by Yourself

O nbo 

O nbo wa o

O nbo 

To take His people home.

Oba to te’le bi eni t’eni

O k’aye jo bi esusu

Ero aye lo suwa 

Won po o  l’egbe l’egbe

Iwo naa lo s’eda  oniruru l’eranko

Agbara re po and there is no one like unto thee

Oba to gb’orun duro

There is none to le da bi Ire

The King that reigns and will reign forever more

Glory is your name and that glory is You

Mo wa rii mo se’ba f’Olodu to mo are 

O f’owo leran reti aye ni ijoba Re o

Eru nba aye gidi fun eni to ni idajo igbeyin

Oh Jesus reigns 

My Jesus rules

Halleluyah Hosanna Amen

Fun eni to l’emi

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

O nj’oba o O nj’oba

Ijoba ti o nipekun (Your kingdom is forever)

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

Iwuye ti o l’ounka O nj’oba

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

Ogo to bori Ogo

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

O nj’oba

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

Ipa to bori ipa, ola to kan ola m’ola

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

O nj’Oba

O nj’oba  O nj’oba O nj’oba

L’aye mi, Ni’le mi, L’ona mi, Ni’se mi lori Ogo

O nj’oba O nj’oba

Ola nla lo wo ni aso o O nj’oba

O nj’oba igunwa ogo O nj’oba o

O nj’oba eleru ogo O nj’oba

Onile Ogo, Olona Ogo, Oni ite Ogo

O nj’oba E f’ola Oba fun 

Lift up your heads O ye gates and be ye lifted up 

Ye everlasting doors

And the King of glory shall come in

E f’ola Oba fun

O nj’oba O nj’oba o

Jesus reigns, Jesus rules

He reigns