Little Tips For Helping Someone Open Up When Something’s Up

Hey guys!

I will be posting 4 tips each day to help someone open up when something’s up.

Tip 1: How to spot when something might be up

These are some of the signs that someone may not be okay.

  1. Not wanting to do things they usually enjoy.
  2. Finding everyday things overwhelming.
  3. Not replying to messages, or being distant.
  4. Avoiding people, social relationship or seeming quiet.
  5. Appearing restless or agitated.
  6. Easily tearful.
  7. Drinking or using drugs to cope with feelings.

Stay glued to this page for tip 2.

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What We Can Learn As Christians From The Series: God Friended Me

The first time I saw the trailer on google, I was convinced that this series will play a major impact in my life and in many Christians.

God friended me is an American comedy- drama that centres in the life of an atheist who got a friend suggestion on facebook named God. This account suggests new friends suggestion to “miles” who plays the major character, in helping and assisting people.

As an atheist who doesn’t believe in God, yet he does God’s work, so far the aim is to help people in need.

Here are some tips we can learn from this wonderful series as Christians.

  • God can use anyone to do His work. No matter who you are or what your beliefs are, God uses anybody. Remember Jesus dined with sinners and mover with sinners.
  • God knows us more than ourselves. No matter what the flesh does, God sees us more through our hearts and inner mind.
  • Being a christian and born again doesn’t make you perfect. As God uses the weak ans non believers to do His works, it’s a sign that God is not partiality.
  • Finally, God loves each and everyone of us.

I encourage you to start watching this series if you have not started watching. There are a lot of lessons to be learnt.

NB: feel free to comment your contributions and suggestions.

Imagine credit: Pinterest