The Unspoken Words of Connection

This is a guest post from Titi Adenuga

It’s in the locking of eyes and letting it stay.

It’s in the curving of lips and letting out a smile.

It’s in the nod of heads in agreement or the wave of hands.

It’s in true and genuine admiration of someone or something.

It’s in the first steps, just like we learnt to walk – ‘hi’ ‘hello’

It’s in the affirmation and the reaching out. Most times, as always, someone must take the initiative.

It’s in the ease and flow – there’s sometimes usually no walls here.

It’s in the remembering of names and recalling it a few minutes or seconds after.

It’s in the hugs and kisses and holding of hands.

It’s even in the words we speak and how we say them.

It’s in letting in – sometimes a little deeper than casual.

It’s in the little things and sometimes in the big ones but most importantly, in how we make others feel –even if you just met them or long after they are gone.

It’s in the impressions – that’s not just a social media buzz word; it’s a human code.

It’s in embracing who we are and what makes us uniquely human.
Love & Light,

A lot of my thoughts and writings recently have been around human connection. I find it interesting and feel it’s very important for people to learn the art of connection. It is in the simplest things, yet they seem difficult because we love to protect our egos and would rather stick our faces in the light of our phones, scrolling and most times, doing absolutely nothing! Even by doing that, I have learnt that we simply just want to connect. I am not exactly extroverted but I truly enjoy the deep and sweet feeling of connecting with people. We all need our communities (physical and virtual) safer and kinder and to have this ideal community, we must all put in an effort to make it happen – HAVE YOU SMILED AT SOMEONE TODAY?

No Such Thing As “Fear Of The Unknown”

Lots of people say they have a fear of the unknown. How can you fear something you don’t know?

Example #1: You Always Order the Same thing at a Restaurant
I argue with friends all the time who get the same exact thing at a restaurant and refuse to try anything else. Their response is always the same, “I know I like this so why would I try anything else?” Now thats a fair point, but my question is, how did you find out that you liked what you are ordering? At some point in your life you had to have eaten that for the first time…you had to step out in faith and try something new.

Example #2: Meeting New People / Friends is Not Easy
What about friends. Meeting new people is never the easiest thing in the world. My last job was an example where I knew NO ONE. To say I was scared was an understatement, but i knew that I had to meet people or I would have a miserable 2 years at the job. So I went out and met people. I met people I didn’t like, and have never seen again, and I met people who I continue to speak with today, and am extremely close with. But I would never have met either of those groups had I decided to be scared and not take action.

Biblical Examples
Think about some of the people in the bible who were about to step into the unknown and could have easily just not done anything and stayed scared…

  1. Moses – he could have stayed in the desert even after God called him. He had no clue what was going to happen when he went back into Egypt. But he went…
  2. David – he could have stayed in the field and not gone to fight Goliath, he had no idea what was going to happen when he faced the giant. But he went…
  3. Disciples – They all took a chance by following a carpenter and having faith in Him. They had no clue what this Jesus would do or how they would survive if they eft where they were. But they went…
  4. Jesus – Jesus was crucified because He actually did know what would come out of it. He went to the cross…

Can you imagine what would have happened had these individuals not taken a step of faith and stepped into the unknown? The bible as we know it would look much different. For example look at the last example…

Not as Positive Biblical Example
Rich Young Man Matthew 19:16-30 – He didn’t know what would happen, but Jesus told him what he had to leave to follow Him and he went away sad. This man didn’t go…and was never mentioned again in the Bible, and was never even given a name.

Take a chance today, or over the next week and months. Put yourself in a position to meet someone new. I challenge you to meet someone you have never met before. Do something you have never done before. Change up your routine and experience another path and see what happens. Maybe you’ll end up meeting someone you find that you don’t know how you lived without!

Just think about it this way…God will meet you on every path you take, so there is no such thing as the unknown…God is there, so what is there to be afraid of…Go ahead!

Photo credit: Pinterest