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Note To Self

  • Note To Self

    1. Live authentically 2. Work ambitiously 3. Choose courage over comfort 4. Money makes me feel secure, not happy 5. Everyone thinks they’re right 6. Alcohol feels good at first and becomes a burden later 7. Worrying is praying for your worst nightmare 8. Material luxuries are best when limited 9. Keeping expectations low is… Continue reading

  • Note To Self Everyday

    One thing I want to overcome in my life is the spirit of fear and worry. I try to distract myself most of the time when I start getting worried and scared. But still I see myself back to it.  I stomed on this when I was surfing the net and made it my daily… Continue reading

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My goal is to help you live a life of Gratitude, Inspire you to never give up, and motivate you to keep going till you succeed.