Paradise Vs Pleasure

God forgive us when we leave your side
When we hop on that haunting black ride.

Only to hop right back off again
Returning to you asking forgiveness of sin.

It seems to be an ongoing routine
There’s still filth in our life Lord and we want to be clean.

However these are choices that you give us to make.

For Heaven’s sake . . . literally speaking
What is it that we’re actually seeking?
A life with you or a life of our own selfish desires.

As we continue helping Satan stoke them fires.

When will we recognize this and actually turn . . . for good.

As we should . . . and I know we all mess up that’s very clear.

But when we continue to do the same things over and over again it’s like we show no fear.

No reverence for the one who made us
The one who said he’d never forsake us
The one who felt as though he was forsaken.

Hanging on the cross after the beating he had taken.

Lord give us eyes to see the flesh being torn from your body with each unforgiving strike.

Lord gives us ears to hear your cries so that we may know what it was like.

Lord give us a heart that will feel the excruciating pain that you willingly felt
Lord show us that we are those Romans carrying out the punishment dealt.

Will we scoff at you as one did or will we ask that you remember our name?
When we make that decision to follow you Lord our lives should never be the same.

Eternal paradise or temporary pleasure?

Which one do you really treasure?