It’s Time To Look For The Son Through The Storm Clouds

Whatever circumstances is trying to diminish your focus on God and his word, remember that you don’t have to bear the weight of it. You can take hold of the strength of the Lord and recieve the ability to leap like a deer! You can rejoice that although things look bad today, the future is bright, and God’s divine plan is coming to pass in your life.

No dark storm cloud can overcome the light of God’s word, and no circumstances or giant can overpower you when you’re standing on the solid rock of the word. It’s time to look for the Son through the storm clouds of adversity. He is your constant companion, your peace in the midst of the storm, your strength, your salvation- and your anchor in rough waters! The future is bright with promise when you know you’re not alone on the sea of life and that whatever storm is brewing on the horizon, God will see you safely through.