Minimalism – Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Do What You Love

There exists an odd cycle in the modern western world.

It goes something like this… work hard, make lots of money, buy lots of things, work harder to maintain all the things you bought, get trapped in a job you don’t like in order to keep paying for the lifestyle and things you’ve become accustomed to, then wake up one day miserable and wonder what the heck life is really all about.

I love this Tedx Talk below because it really makes you stop and think about what most aligns to YOUR own personal values… materialism or minimalism? Neither is right or wrong, good or bad. Things are just things. But when things, and the debt we accumulate to own things and hold onto them, ends up running our lives – well, we end up being OWNED by our things.There’s no freedom in that, It’s not cool!

This Tedx Talk with Adam Baker encourages you to look at your own life and see whether the way you live is actually in alignment with your values, whether your life design makes you happy and whether you feel a sense of freedom. And if not… what else might be available to you?

Adam’s wisdom comes from his own experience. He shares his personal story of the day he and his wife “woke up” and started making different decisions, based on what was really important to them. You’ll be shocked at when that exact wake up moment occurred… if you’ve ever thought about changing the way you live your life, but you’ve thought it was best to wait for the “right time”, then check out Adam’s story. There couldn’t have been a worse time for them to have this major realization, and yet when the inner voice calls out, you either answer it and life changes forever, or you ignore it and stay stuck.


  • What do you think?
  • Does Adam’s story stir anything within you?
  • Do you feel inspired by his message, or confronted?
  • Does the idea of selling all “your crap”, paying off debt and doing something you love appeal to you?
  • If fear wasn’t a factor, would you act upon that urge?
  • What might be possible if you turned your attention to the one question that could change everything “What does freedom mean to you?

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