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I Don’t Have a Man! Is it Okay As a Christian Woman To Have a Sex Toy?

This is something have not done before on this platform. But had to bring in this interactive topic.

Now I get questions all the time but this recent one blew my mind! A friend of mine from a fellowship wanted to know if it’s okay for her to use sex toys to fulfill the sexual side of herself. She stated that she doesn’t want to sneak around having sex so this way she is having safe sex and not fornicating with anyone else. She said she was too ashamed to ask her Pastor and wouldn’t dare bring it up to her fellowship. Is this a sin she asked? Now I know ya face dropped so pick it up now! Let’s be real for a minute (So many of you are fake so I know that’s a lot to ask). Smile.

Do you know other women that have and use sex toys? I know your not bold enough to confess it yourself. I’ve heard of a lot of women using sex toys even those that are married and have boyfriends!! Yep…I said it. Now keep reading.

The question here is is it a sin? Have one violated the law of God in the bible? This is going to get crazy but again I told you we’re in a new year so be bold about what you want to know. I know the’re going to be so many that will read this and drive right on by. Lol. That’s kool….but you gone learn today! Now if you aint scared…..talk to me!!!!

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