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Why Is Your Dressing Revealing, When You Can Be Churchy And Fly

Sometimes I wonder why ladies expose all their body in the name of latest fashion. Being pretty is not all about nude, but what’s within and inside of you. Have done a survey in the past where people tend to criticise the way church or some modest women dress. I might not be good when it comes to fashion but from my research and what am seeing on social media, its definately something to write about. 

What is the first thing thay comes to a guy’s mind when he see’s this kind of dressing, anybody??? To me am sure 70% will be thinking of sex or bad mind rape.

Left to me this is what you should wear when you about having sex with your husband 😁😁😁, when you want him all head over heels when he sees you.  Not wearing this outside. I might be wrong but as the case may be it is what we see everyday in the name of fashion. Even the so called celebrities, they wear these clothes probably marketing the designer, but when people tend to copy the style and wear it to official events or to a more corporate event, its wrong. You don’t have to dress slutty to gain attention. 

All the cleavage, hmmm!!! As i said you don’t need to be nudy and slutty to gain attention.

The funniest thing ladies don’t know is that guys love to see a neatly dressed up lady, either on a dinner gown, corporate or something modest and covering their body.  So far you are fly, he will definately respond. Gone are the days where guys are more into the outer appearance, now they are looking at the beauty within that matters the most. I did a survey as i said earlier that most guys love a lady that are all dressed up good and not slutty. 70% of guys believe the way a lady is dressed speaks a lot about her. 

Is this not cool enough? Churchy and fly

Punchline: Dress the way you want to be addressed. 

Photo credit: churchyandfly and Google

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